Tim Doran

Chief Executive Officer, Owner, Founder

Tim founded the company in 2003. Assumed CEO position in 2016. He has overseen the growth from 15 to 261 beds in eight facilities throughout multiple states as well as nine Outpatient Facilities.

Morgan Poncy, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer, Owner, Founder

Dr. Poncy drafted the original medical detoxification protocols used at Sunrise in 2003 which are considered the gold standard for inpatient detoxification. He has lectured nationally on substance abuse and other medical issues. Dr. Poncy has been an integral part of designing a medical platform throughout five states and multiple levels of care

Mark Ticar

Chief Financial Officer

Mark brings over twenty years of financial management, software implementation, and merger/acquisition experience. He is responsible for developing financial strategies, analyzing and coordinating financial reporting.

Lynda Micheletti, BS, CAC, RSS, CPI

Chief Field Operations Officer

Lynda oversees daily operations for all 19 managed detox and outpatient locations. She has provided leadership for Praesum Healthcare since 2004 through multiple roles including her 13 years as an Addiction Counselor.

Stokes Aitken

Chief Operations Officer

Since 2005, Mr. Aitken has been one of the initial key executives and has been an integral part of the de novo growth program, implementing organizational management models throughout the organization.

Joe Horrocks

Vice President of Marketing

With Praesum since 2006, Joe has been an integral part of growth for both Sunrise Detox and The Counseling Centers. Along with business expansion, he assists in the oversight of daily facility operations and management.